Neal Schon On 'Escape' Album's Diamond Certification: 'We're Not Done'

Even 40 years after the release of its most successful album, Journey is as vibrant creatively as it ever was, if you ask guitarist and founder Neal Schon.

The Escape album was just certified diamond by the RIAA for sales in excess of 10 million equivalent units. While the continuing impact of his band's legacy is gratifying, Schon says he has a lot more gas in the tank.

"We're all so blown away. Every day something new is happening with our older catalog," Schon tells Q104.3 New York's Ken Dashow. "You know, Escape just went diamond. I think it's going to continue. I think probably the next one in line would be Frontiers ... It's very exciting, you know, because we're not done. We've got really exciting new stuff on the way, really great music that I'm super excited about. We're going in some new areas. It still sounds like Journey."

Journey just released a new single, "The Way We Used To Be," featuring its revamped lineup, with news on a new full-length LP to come later.

While Schon is never one to stop creating, he admits he had little else to do but play guitar during the pandemic shutdowns. He has a lot of guitars (in case you hadn't heard) and there were a lot of songs in them.

"We recorded 30 songs to choose from," he adds of the new album. "We just signed our record deal the other day with BMG, which we're really excited about ... they love the album so far; they've only heard like five or six tracks."

Journey has yet to reveal more details on the new record, like a title or a release date, but that news likely won't be kept secret much longer.

Beyond bringing Journey back on the road, Schon is also busy with an upcoming auction of 112 historic guitars from his collection via Heritage Auctions, starting July 31.

Among the highlights in the collection are guitars Schon used to write and record Journey classics, like "Don't Stop Believin'," "Patiently," "Wheel in the Sky" and many, many other classics.

Go here for more on the auction!

Photo: Getty Images North America

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