This Is The Best Hole-In-The-Wall Burger Joint In South Carolina

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Some of the best food can be found in local eateries tucked away from bustling cities and popular chain restaurants, from hidden gem chicken joints to a diner serving up all the classics. The same can be said for burgers.

Cheapism searched for restaurants around the country serving up amazing burgers, compiling a list of the best hole-in-the-wall burger joint in each state. Using customer reviews, personal experiences and recommendations, the list is made up of "unpretentious, hidden gem restaurants that typically fly under-the-radar, especially those in small towns or out-of-the-way locations."

So which restaurant is considered the best hold-in-the-wall burger joint in North Carolina?

The Clock Drive-In

You can find incredible burgers at plenty of spots around Greenville, but The Clock Drive-In serves up a simple but tasty take on the American classic. You can even add chili for a flavorful chili cheeseburger that is sure to satisfy.

The Clock Drive-In is located at 2921 White Horse Road in Greenville.

Here's what Cheapism had to say:

"Carhops no longer operate at The Clock Drive-In like when it opened in 1954. No matter, because the burgers are just as good without the roller skates. Try a chili cheeseburger with homemade chili and onion rings prepared daily — they're better than the crinkle-cut fries, but you can get a half and half if you must."

Check out Cheapism's full list to see the best hidden gem burger joints in the country.

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