South Carolina Restaurant Serves The Best Tacos In The Entire State

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The South may be known for its fried chicken and barbecue, but you can also find incredible tacos and authentic Mexican cuisine that will keep you coming back for more. Mashed searched through reviews, awards and recommendations to find the spot in each state serving the best tacos, from traditional takes to unique twists that are all sure to be memorable.

So which South Carolina restaurant serves the best tacos in the state?

Papi's Tacos

You can't go wrong at Papi's Tacos, with the al pastor taco being named the best of the best. This Greenville restaurant has a Google rating of 4.4 stars and over 600 reviews. Papi's Tacos is located at 300 River Street #123.

Here's what Mashed had to say:

"Like the state of Maryland, the best tacos in South Carolina can be found at Papi's Tacos. While the names are the same, there is actually no other connection between the two restaurants — other than having great tacos, of course. South Carolina's Papi's Tacos is located in the city of Greenville, and its customers point to the food's freshness and the friendly staff as to why this taco place has gotten so popular. If you're in a hurry, go with the Travelin' Taco, served in a Fritos bag. Otherwise, their Al Pastor Taco is the best of the bunch."

Check out Mashed's full list to see more of the best spots in the country to find amazing tacos.

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